I Hope You Can See Colors Now

A Suite in Remembrance of Paul Laurenzi, 8/8/1966- 3/11/2018

Composed by Alex Laurenzi

Alex Laurenzi - Alto Sax, Sarah Zahorodni - Violin, Olivia Rainoff - Cello, Hanguang Wang - Piano, with Harvey Sollberger - Spoken Word

Performed at the International Music Festival of the Adriatic in Duino, Italy - July 6, 2018


Cabaret, Princeton, NJ - October 6, 2018

Claude - composed by AL, Apart - composed by AL, and Send in the Clowns - composed by Stephen Sondheim

Alex Laurenzi - Alto Sax, Vince DiMura - Piano

Senior Recital, Manhattan School of Music - February 27th, 2016

The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, The Oracle - composed by AL, Cheapo Steaks, Why Was I Born?, and Firm Roots

Alex Laurenzi - Alto Sax, Joe Bell - Guitar, Julius Rodriguez - Piano, Solomon Gottfried - Bass, Jared Silverstein - Drums, with Jim Saltzman and Rodney James-Spann - Tenor Sax

Cheek to Cheek- Irving Berlin

Alex Laurenzi- Alto Sax, Joe Bell- Guitar, Alex Warshawsky- Bass, Zach Adleman- Drums

January 3rd, 2018

Alex Laurenzi - Alto Sax, Oscar Perez - Piano, Todd Coolman - Bass, Matt Kane - Drums